Street Seen: Ghosts Of Los Angeles

A passerby provided this unexpected supernatural consequence while I stopped during my bike ride home from work Monday night to snap a timed exposure of the actual ghost that is Johnnie’s Coffee Shop. Its brightly lighted corpse has sadly haunted this corner of Fairfax and Wilshire for the last 10 years. There may be valid reasons for its long-standing demise, but I will never comprehend or accept how it is that such an establishment — one so architecturally significant and in such a prime location as the Miracle Mile’s Museum Row — is allowed to abominably atrophy instead of be a vibrant part of its community.

11 thoughts on “Street Seen: Ghosts Of Los Angeles”

  1. Great photo! What absolutely kills me about Johnnie’s sitting unused is that literally righ across the street is a Johnny Rocket’s. So, fake Johnnie’s is in business while real Johnnie’s sits and festers?? Oh, the injustice!

  2. The answer as to why it was allowed to atrophy is a symptom of modern culture, or more specifically: Starbucks.

  3. I have been told that the MTA intends to develop the future Purple Line station there, but that they do not yet own the land. So in the meantime it sits empty and is used now and then for filming. Hey, at least it hasn’t been demolished. But I have no idea of the old structure, or it’s shell, might be used as the basis for the station. That would be an interesting kind of adaptive reuse, if it is even possible…

  4. I actually used to eat breakfast there when I first came to LA. I was couch surfing right around the corner. Ah, the memories….

  5. The property has been owned by the 99-cent store founders since 1994, and the parking lot is leased to the 99-cent store on that same block of Wilshire.

    I am uncertain if the building has been designated as any kind of landmark, and if what Bert says is true of the land’s future as a subway station, I would be VERY much surprised if the MTA would do any sort of adaptive reuse of the building.

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