Two things to do this week

If you are currently sitting at your office behind your desk contemplating suicide by stapler because you are so bored and have nothing to do in the evenings this week, feel free to consider Metblogs your own personal saviour because we have your plan.

Wednesday! Johannes Grenzfurthner from the Austrian artist/prankster collective monochrom will be speaking at Crash Space, a hackerspace in Culver City (of which I’m a member). His talk, “Of Drunken Machines and Horny Relays” will be something of a workshop about building DIY hedonistic machines. Starts at 8pm, free for members $10 suggested donation for the general public. More info can be found on and you can RSVP on this Facebook event page. Crash Space is located at 10526 Venice Blvd, Culver City.

Thursday! Laugh Night: A Benefit for Art Share Los Angeles! We’re told this will be immensely funny. Half a dozen headlining comics (including Greg Behrendt, Donald Glover, Karen Kilgariff, etc) will be taping standup sets for The Sound of Young America, and 100% of ticket proceeds benefit Art Share LA, which provides free arts instruction to Los Angeles students. Tickets are $8 or $6 if you can prove you live downtown somehow. More info on Maximum Fun Dot Org. Art Share is located at 801 E. 4th Place, Downtown.

2 thoughts on “Two things to do this week”

  1. I always wonder about these events where they say “$10 donation”. Can I just walk in then and have no obligation to pay? What is the legal definition here about this?

  2. Generally a “donation” means it’s not required, but is asked, so yes you could walk in and have no obligation to pay. That said, if someone is asking for a donation it’s probably because what they are doing costs money to produce and if you are going to benefit from it chipping in a few bucks to help make it happen is a nice thing to do. But you aren’t required by law to be nice.

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