The Nazis are Coming to L.A.!

According to several websites, members of neo-Nazi organization the National Socialist Movement will hold a “national annual meeting and rally” at Los Angeles City Hall on Saturday, April 17.  The Anti-Defamation League’s website indicates that “[t]he National Socialist Movement (NSM) is currently the largest neo-Nazi group in the United States ….  The NSM promotes its virulently anti-Semitic and racist ideology at rallies throughout the country, particularly in the Midwest, and through the group’s Website, Internet-based radio programs, white power music company and videogames.”  Which begs the question of why they aren’t holding their rally in front of the Capitol Records building instead.

I have not yet seen any indication of an organized counter-protest.  However, individuals who desire to come down to City Hall and voice their opinion, whatever it may be, will presumably be permitted to do so.   I’m thinking this might be a good opportunity to head down there and express my own free speech rights.

5 thoughts on “The Nazis are Coming to L.A.!”

  1. Seriously, it’ll be about fat 7 white guys holding signs and walking around in circles. If we all just ignore them I’m sure they’ll get bored and go back home.

  2. That sounds good in theory, but if these folks are savvy, they could generate media attention out of proportion to their numbers.

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