Electrical Box Art: Peace, Love, and Sauropods

All over my neighborhood are electrical control boxes that, about a year or so ago, suddenly became public art projects. I’m not kidding: It happened within the space of about three or four days. I walk a lot — I’m in walking distance of three grocery stores, two movie theaters and about a million restaurants — so I’ve grown pretty fond of the zillion-fold increase in public art, so over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing it with all of Metbloggery.

We’ll start with this peace-and-apatosaurus themed box at Vermont and Maubert, between a Bank of America and a little fast-food mini-plaza. More pics after the jump.

I just now realized the centerpiece of this image is being dreamed up by one of the many faces below. I like that quite a bit, as I often find myself daydreaming about dinosaurs and magical castles. Rock on.

I like the panda. She's nursing!
Left to right: Chef, waiter, male backpacker, female backpacker, afro dude, nerd, cop.
This is the side visible from the street. It has butterflies.

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  1. Thanks for noticing the amazing work of LA Commons’ Community Art Programs. East Hollywood Youth Artists along with professional artist Jose Lozano interviewed local residents,and organizations to gather stories and images for the electrical boxes. For more info on our public art and cultural tours go to http://www.lacommons.org

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