LA Arboretum: Who Needs A Tea Garden?

It was my birthday last weekend, and I determined it would be a lovely idea to go to the Japanese garden at the LA Arboretum & drink a cup of green tea in the tea house there, which I remembered doing with my parents when I was a kid. My boyfriend & I piled in the car with walking shoes & bottles of water and made it there in about a half-hour–fantastic time. Parking was a cinch. The $8 entry fee was reasonable. The sky was clear, the weather lovely. There was just one hitch.

The LA Arboretum does not have a Japanese garden or a tea house. I’d been thinking of Descanso Gardens.

I was a little heartbroken, but we resolved to press on. And our persistence was rewarded with one of the most relaxing days I’ve had in years, spent wandering the grounds, following tiny paths through mammoth grasses, investigating “Lucky” Baldwin’s Victorian cottage and pursuing peacocks like an eight-year-old.

More photos and better resolution here. The Arboretum is always having cool classes like Japanese ikebana flower-arranging and botanical watercolor painting, so you should absolutely check it out.

4 thoughts on “LA Arboretum: Who Needs A Tea Garden?”

  1. Happy Belated B-day! The Arboretum is so beautiful. When I worked out on that side of town I would sometimes take my lunch and sit by the fountain watching the peacocks.

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