Walk This Way: Jefferson/Adams Boulevard

Most folks know me around here because of what’s between my legs. And by that irresistible attention-getter of an opening line I am of course talking about the BICYCLE I so often ride around town.

Anyway and ahem, while group bike rides, such as last weekend’s “8 Presidents Ride,” are something I enjoy organizing and doing, I’m occasionally known to get in touch with my pedestrian side and go for some pretty monumentally long walks — these in addition to Franklin Avenue blogger Mike Schneider’s always awesome Great LA Walks.

In 2006 with Don and Lisl, two other intrepid and  like-minded LA Metblog-reading crazies, I set out from Union Station and walked Sunset Boulevard 25 miles all the way to where it ends at Gladstone’s on Pacific Coast Highway

Then in October 2008 I was joined by friend and fellow Metblogger Julia, along with friends David, Jeff and Amanda and walked the 28 miles of Western Avenue from its beginning in Hollywood to its end at the San Pedro cliffs overlooking the sea.

So I told you all that to tell you that my next in a semi-irregular mostly biannual series of silly walks is scheduled to take place on the sixth day of the appropriately named month of March — and will be a far less WTF-inducing distance of 15 miles (tentative route map) that starts and ends at Hoover and Jefferson and whose route will stick primarily to Jefferson and Adams boulevards across the interesting neighborhoods they traverse and will include an ascent to take in the spectacular panoramic views afforded by the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook State Park.

Even better: since the shorter distance means we don’t have to get stepping at the crackadawn, the walk will get moving at a far more civilized hour of 10 a.m. Hope you can join me.

7 thoughts on “Walk This Way: Jefferson/Adams Boulevard”

  1. Let me know when you do the 16 miles of Colorado Blvd from Glendale to Monrovia and I’m in. I’ll even host a BBQ if you end it in my neck of the woods. Enjoy the walk.

  2. This looks great! I do the mid-point of this quite a bit (my neighborhood). I’d suggest that you cut down Jefferson at La Brea, and take Rodeo over to the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook – and walk through the beautiful park inside Village Green. It’s a must-see for the neighborhood, and it wouldn’t be inconvenient. I hope to join up and do this!

  3. Perry, that’s an excellent suggestion! I’d been thinking of coming back from the overlook along Rodeo to include Village Green, but it makes much more sense to do it on the way there instead.

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