Ronald Lamonte Barron, Rest In Peace

One of the article’s I read about the slaying of Ronald Barron, the former gangmember turned interventionist, stated that the shooting Sunday night after the Super Bowl took place outside a bar with a red door on the 5000 block of Pico Boulevard. So when I detoured to that block this morning — just a couple side streets away from my normal morning bike commute route — I went looking for that red door.

But I didn’t need it to find the crime scene’s location, because what drew my eye first was the large curbside shrine placed there by friends in memory of and mourning for the man senselessly murdered by a tagger he confronted after leaving that bar with the red door.

Among the assemblage of cards, plush toys, empty glasses, bottles and candles, most moving to me was a vase of white roses that had fallen over. Wrapped around the slender container were a red and a blue bandana. Separate they are the colors of rivalry and hatred, but these two were tightly entwined, representative of a unity born of sorrow. Born of enough.

I stood that vase back up.

A few other photos of the shrine are here.

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