It Caught My Eye: The Freakin’ Sky

The one nice thing about the rain: Rarely do we get skies like this in Los Angeles. I stepped outside after checking my mail and this is the view I was treated to. Miles to the west, the sky was clear. Behind me to the east, the sky seemed imported directly from Mordor.


I’m no meteorologist, but I suspect these may be mammatus clouds, which are “pouches” of cloud that hang below the kinds of cumulonimbus clouds that produce strong storms. They are so called because they take their name from the Latin mamma, which means “udder” or “breast” — essentially, mammatus clouds are called mammatus clouds because they look like big atmospheric boobs. This should tell you everything you need to know about meteorologists.

Unless of course they’re not mammatus clouds at all, in which case this blog post tells you everything you need to know about me.

7 thoughts on “It Caught My Eye: The Freakin’ Sky”

  1. I told the clouds about the Jenette V-Day sale, so tell the people at Jenette that if a big storm system stops by for a bra fitting, they owe me five percent.

  2. Nice pic! I was walking through Ralphs’ parking lot at the time, and had to stop and do a slow 360, transfixed, taking in all the sights, a wondrous smile on my face. But then, I do that with boobs too.

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