My Neighborhood, The Film Set

Living in the center of the film and television industry, there are some fun games we get to play, like the “That Guy” game, where you run into a random actor out and about who you can’t quite place, and whichever of your friends figures it out first without resorting to IMDB wins. Another great game is “Name That Location”, wherein you can recognize the exact location a show is using for those remote scenes, not only showing off your photographic memory, but also destroying the fictional world the show has created and disrupting its narrative. It’s fun!

Now, it’s one thing to recognize local landmarks being used in a film, but I find it especially fun seeing my own neighborhood represented on the big screen (or TV. or laptop screen.). Eagle Rock is used all the time for exteriors, as many blocks are easily disguised as Small Town, Anywhere, USA. But interiors are harder to spot on TV – I knew it was Cindy’s Diner (which quite possibly gets more business as a shooting location than a restaurant) in those AT&T ads with Luke Wilson, but only because I saw Wilson standing outside in the parking lot while the commercial was being shot.

But this weekend while catching up on The Office, I spotted another local business (Can you guess it? Identity revealed after the jump):

Screen shot 2010-02-07 at 11.59.32 PM

It’s the newly-relocated PeekAboo Playland on Colorado! And how did I peg that one? I recognized their big, white eMac by the front door. Yes, PeekAboo Playland staffers, I am that chick who walks by and stares through your window awkwardly all the time because I can’t wrap my head around how you’re running your business on an eMac.

And that’s one more immersive viewing experience ruined because I spent too much energy watching the background and trying to make this screencap – so much so that I had to rewind and watch the scene over again since I totally forgot everything that happened.

3 thoughts on “My Neighborhood, The Film Set”

  1. I have to agree with you, I am still enamored with the process and get quite the chuckle when I see my stomping grounds on TV or in the movies.

  2. That’s hilarious: I didn’t even know what an eMac was. I had to wikipedia that shiznit.

    Good eye! I smell a series in the making: LA as uncredited extra. How many commercials can you find it in, I wonder?

  3. There’s a Burger King commercial that was filmed at Sutter Middle School in Canoga Park. My company did some work there for two years prior to the current construction of a new elementary school that shares the site. It’s really strange to see it on TV, just because there’s a Burger King across the street.

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