It Caught My Eye: Positive Reinforcement

bearyI can’t find verification but either I heard it through the blogvine or simply have imagined that Councilman Eric Garcetti is looking into a beautification project for East Hollywood’s untility boxes, similar to the one done a couple years ago around Silver Lake and Historic Filipinotown.

If indeed I’m not making that up, in the interim we have some artists from the Positive Message Division of the Department of DIY who have undertaken the charming decoration of the box pictured at right (click to enlargify) found on the southeast corner of Virgil and Lexington (pinpoint map).

I finally stopped my dawdling and immortalized it while biking home Thursday night because even though it’s been there for more than a month, there’s just no telling when it might become the target of taggers or seen by some assbackward county supervisor who would no doubt place a rush order for the federal stimulus funds needed to paint it out.

The backside of the box reads: “December 28, 2009,  Love N Respect,” and it’s signed by Michael, Emilio and Diana. Bravo to them. More please.

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  1. These are all over my section of Hollywood Boulevard. I remember seeing the artists painting them in broad daylight, so I suspect it’s not tagging.

    A couple of weeks before Christmas some band’s obnoxious street team had pasted a poster over one of the nicer ones, and my girlfriend and I had to spend an hour scraping and peeling and we still didn’t get it all off. Fortunately the rains finished the job for us.

  2. Will – you remember correctly. Our office partnered with LA Commons — a non-profit organization that works with communities across the city to highlight their ethnic, historic and cultural assets — to enlist young people to create works of art on city traffic control boxes in East Hollywood, Thai Town, and Little Armenia. To protect the art, the boxes have an anti-graffiti coating.

    Here’s the link to our blog post from last year:

    – Julie, Office of LA City Council President Eric Garcetti

  3. Thanks for the info Julie! So I’m guessing the art on this utility box art featured in this post is an authorized installation and not the work of some DIYers?

  4. The wonderful East Hollywood Neighborhood Council embraces arts and the artists in the neighborhood and they funded the Hollywood Blvd. project by LA Commons through the East Hollywood NC Arts & Culture Committee. :-)

    The Happy Bear is random and I just saw it this past week and it made me smile! I hope the artist will continue beautifying out hood. Thanks for posting this!

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