A lot of water fell last night, to continue through today.

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Overnight in my corner of LA  some 3 7/8″ of rain fell.  The National Weather Service via The Weather Channel calls for more storms through this evening.  Thunderstorms, water spouts (potentially), urban and burn zone flooding are all in store.  I plan on staying in with the Tivo and video games until I absolutely have to go out this afternoon.  Be safe.  Stay dry(ish).

3 thoughts on “A lot of water fell last night, to continue through today.”

  1. Logged just under 2″ according to my Mason jar – I mean Precipitation Station — in Silver Lake beginning yesterday morning.

  2. No fair. Being up against the San Gabriel Mountains gives you more than the rest of us in L.A. The Highland Park 9004 rain gauge, got a healthy 3″ from the storms yesterday.

  3. Walt! it is true we get more rain along the foothills, but the sad part is our yearly average is also up there so we have further to go to get to “average” and we aren’t there yet. We need a set of drought breaking storms and so far we’ve only had one out of this El Nino, that does not bode well for this coming summer. Again.

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