Two (times two) more opportunities to get your Tarkovsky fix

2xtarkovsky As LACMA wraps up its terrific The Apocalyptic Cinema of Andrei Tarkovsky film series (which I covered earlier) you may be asking yourself, how else can I immerse myself in the life and work of this Russian cinematic master? Well, comrade, the film gods have smiled upon you today.

Moscow-born and Los Angeles-bred filmmaker Dmitri Trakovsky has arranged for a pair of additional screenings for both this weekend and next of his documentary Meeting Andrei Tarkovsky (see the schedule for exact times and locations), which explores Tarkovsky’s enigmatic declaration that death doesn’t exist.

Yes, you read that right: Death. Doesn’t. Exist.

Chew on that during Super Bowl halftime.

Image: A laughing Tarkovsky. Relax your eyes to see him in 3D.

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