“The Miracle” Bookmobile Is On the Streets…and at Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery

bookdwntlaBookmobiles are a venerated American tradition–and, like lots of venerated American traditions, are foundering on lack of funding.

The D.I.Y. spirit behind “The Miracle” bookmobile, which ranges between LA and Oakland, is propelling this little Jeep even when funding gets scarce. You’ll be able to catch up with it at the “Actions, Conversations and Intersections” show at the LA Municipal Art Gallery this Saturday at 2:30pm.

They’re also encouraging book donations. Anyone can take, read, and pass along a book–you never have to return them–so donations fuel their work. Keeping in the spirit of free exchange of information without censorship, they are particularly looking for LA local history, West Coast history, science fiction, graphic novels, zines, what they call “priceless porn,” biography/memoirs, arts & crafts, “everything queer,” books en Espanol, and “anything that can be xeroxed and prepared for mass distribution and more!”

I’m not sure what “priceless porn” is, but I’m intrigued. All the info on “Actions, Conversations and Intersections” is here; I’d particularly recommend checking out the SmartGals “Winter Picnic Performance,” on Sunday at 2pm, featuring “freshly baked bread from the Bicycle Bread Company, hot coffee from Caf├ęcito Organico, savory music, and sweet bits of surprising theater unwittingly triggered by our guests.” Neat!