Oscar Nominations Turn Ugly; Zac Efron “Spiderman” Debate Rages

duplicity_battleIn case you didn’t watch this morning’s spectacle, here’s the breakdown: At approximately 5:30 a.m., Devil Wears Prada star Anne Hathaway and Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences president Tom Sherak stood atop the U.S. Bank Tower, megaphones in hand, and announced the nominees for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. Seventy-three floors below, the National Guard used teargas and rubber bullets to keep the angry mobs at bay.

Why was the assembled crowd so upset? Despite the Academy’s attempt to reach a wider audience by opening up the Best Picture category to ten nominations, many in the crowd, which police estimated at north of 50,000, felt their favorite actors weren’t represented. Many cited the absence of nominations such as Emily Blunt for The Young Victoria, Anthony Mackie for The Hurt Locker, Paul Giamatti (pictured above, with actor Tom Wilkinson) for Duplicity and, most suprising of all, Sam Rockwell for Moon.

The event ended sooner than expected when one young man, dressed as Spider Man, began scaling the exterior of the the tower, the tallest U.S. building west of the Mississippi. Upon reaching the 20th floor, he unfurled an 80-foot banner that read, “No Sam Raimi Nomination for Drag Me To Hell; No Peace!,” which drew cheers from the throngs of people below, many of whom were wearing “Efron: Not My Spiderman” T-shirts. By the time police apprehended him and dispersed the crowd, Hathaway and Sherak had already fled the building aboard an Academy-owned helicopter for an undisclosed location.

At least, that’s how I think it went down.

In full disclosure, I was under the influence of a powerful narcotic this morning.

5 thoughts on “Oscar Nominations Turn Ugly; Zac Efron “Spiderman” Debate Rages”

  1. Sam Rockwell should have been nominated for Best Actor for Moon, and with 10 slots, Moon should have been at least nominated for Best Picture. It was certainly the best film I saw last year, and the most interesting and original Sci-Fi film I’ve seen in a long time.

    I’m all for Hurt Locker to win Best Picture, though.

  2. So let me get this straight. Folks are protesting in numbers over a movie? Granted we are a movie town but isn’t that a bit much? I think it is.

  3. Bravo. For once, an Oscar nominations article that was entertaining to read. I’ve never heard of Moon, though.

  4. Thanks for that Hunter S. Thompson version of the Oscar nominations. What about the giant lizard? Oh, that was for “Godzilla II.”

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