Behold: The 8 Presidents Ride

8pres2I don’t really need reason or logic to get on my bike and go riding around town by myself, but seeing as I haven’t put together any organized group rides since last May, and one of my pocket resolutions is to be more goddam sosh’bull and shit, I figured seeing as Presidents Day Weekend is coming up that it wouldn’t be unreasonably illogical of me to plan a ride that will wander around town involving eight — count ’em: eight! — streets big and small named after past presidents, also of varying degrees of stature either physical and or mythical. You’ll get some Hoover, some Van Buren, some Jackson, some Madison, some Washington, some Lincoln, and some Jefferson. Who’d I forget? Oh yeah, some Adams, too. Sorry Johnny. No disrespect.

So if on the coming second Saturday in February you and your functioning bike find yourself in town and you’re mildly intrigued by this concept of biking for fun and stuff, then you are totally welcome to join me, and get a commemorative limited spokecard for your participation. Here be the particulars:

The What:  The 8 Presidents Ride
The When: Saturday, February 13; Gathers at 10 a.m., departs at 10:30.
The Where: Meet at Wilshire and Hoover by the tennis courts on the south side of Wilshire across from Lafayette Park.
The Where We Going: About 30 miles, pretty flat; the route is mapped here. Ride ends where it begins.
The How: This is a casually paced ride, probably averaging around 10-15 mph. There will be improvised snack/drink stops along the way and No Rider Left Behind. Helmets encouraged, so are functioning street-able bikes, along the gear needed to fix any flats that may occur.
The Why: The why not?

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  1. We’re headed to Vegas on the 15th for trade shows and I’ve got a lot of samples to tag and price. If we get everything done in time I am there.

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