It Caught My Eye: Panes In The Glass


With the amount of biking I do across this city I’ve passed a lot of weird shit dumped on the roadways, but this find stands as one of the most unique. For the better part of this work week I’ve pedaled past the above plate glass panes and after doing so yesterday I vowed that if they were still sitting there and intact this morning at their location on the north side of 4th Street immediately west of Western Avenue I’d post about it in case someone/anyone out there might possibly be able to make use of what I expect would cost a pretty penny to purchase (or maybe know someone who could).

The two panes are between 0.50″-0.75″ thick and are identical in dimensions, roughly 8′ x 3.5′. That’s some big pieces of glass.

While the possibility exists that they are somebody’s property, I just can’t imagine after several days of them sitting there on the street that they’re anything but discards — and frankly even if they aren’t it’s amazing that no one’s come along and smashed them. So go take ’em before someone breaks ’em.

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