Classic Eats #8: Downtown Delightful! (And I Mean FULL!)

LangerswipeThanks to everyone who made Classic Eats #8 a smashing success! What a great way to start the Classic Eats New Year!

We started at Langers at 2:30, Metblogs signage in hand. We waited for a few minutes until Mr. Langer himself came out to greet us, then we were bumped ahead of the line (sorry!) to a table that expanded to hold 16 of us!  We gorged on delicious sandwiches then some of us moved on to Cole’s at 6th and Main.

It was a great time, great stories, lots of history and delicious food!

Save the date for Classic Eats #9: February  27.


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Norm Langer himself spent time chatting with us, telling us the history of the restaurant and neighborhood. He took a particular liking to Will Campbell. Well, “liking” might not quite be the right word.

Will, Norm and Alexandra
Will, Norm and Alexandra

Ask Will to give you the history of Nippy Cheese! (Make sure he raises his hand first though.)

The food was tasty, as promised. And the service was fantastic — great waitress and crew who made everything fun and easy.

#19 The Classic!
#19 The Classic!
#44 With Nippy Cheese
#44 With Nippy Cheese

We closed the place down and made our way out by about 4 or 4:30. Not everyone made it to Cole’s, but then others joined up with us to make another big group!


The cocktails were classic, tasty and refreshing.


Even the beer in a can made for a perfect compliment to the lamb sandwich and sweet potato fries.


A grand time was had by all!


Thanks again to the Classic Eats regulars and new-comers! Great to meet new friends and new Metblog authors.

If you came to the evening, please comment about what you liked best!

10 thoughts on “Classic Eats #8: Downtown Delightful! (And I Mean FULL!)”

  1. I’m glad Eric made it, but it makes me a little sad to see him in the photos and not me. Seriously though, I’m glad everyone had a good time!

  2. This was my first “Classic Eats” and I enjoyed it very much. Nice people and the best pastrami in the world. An afternoon well spent. I look forward to the next one.

  3. I was tied up at the Doll Factory all afternoon, prepping for that evening’s Derby Dolls bout. Terribly disappointed to have missed it, but imagine my surprise when Lucinda brought me a pastrami which I quickly devoured at half-time. Thanks! It was delicious! No derby bout on February 27, so I’ll see you all at Classic Eats #9.

  4. Never mind the restaurants, Coles has SCHLITZ BEER???? OMG!!!!

    The beer that made Milwaukee famous is back?

    There may be a god after all.

  5. Darn. Think I was just coming into Cole’s as you guys were leaving. I was at the bar hanging out with the Red Hat ladies while waiting for a table. Those girls know how to party.

    I think Cole’s might have the best Mac & Cheese in LA. (the Nickle being 2nd)

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