Babycakes Vegan Bakery Opens Tomorrow!

Babycakes NYCâ„¢ : Vegan BakeryIt’s been over 2 years since I first heard that legendary NYC vegan bakery Babycakeswas opening up shop in LA. While the exact location and opening dates have changed a lot over that time it looks like VC-Day (vegan cupcake day) is finally here. Or it will be tomorrow anyway.

Starting tomorrow morning at 10am, doors will open on the LA bakery. Located at 130 East 6th Street (just east of Main Street) this new downtown addition could make a trip there worth it all by itself. I’ve written about Babycakes plenty of times, 100% vegan yet most customers would never know it. Cupcakes, cookies, and a whole world of deliciousness. So awesome it’s finally here!

6 thoughts on “Babycakes Vegan Bakery Opens Tomorrow!”

  1. Yeah, can’t wait for it to get here. I just found out that the vegetable oils they use are trans-fat free which make them even healthier. Have adopted some vegan cakes and stuff into my baking, now I can buy them when downtown!

  2. But Downtown? I know when I moved here from NYC, I was automatically Downtown-centric but we learned real fast. Wished they’d launched in West Hollywood or Santa Monica — you know, where the vegans are.

  3. Place was packed today and while my friends and I are far from being vegans, we loved everything we took home for our afternoon coffee.

  4. Fraz – Went today, it’s awesome.


    Jon – WAT? I agree downtown isn’t the ideal location but there are WAY MORE vegans east side and downtown than Santa Monica. Hence the reason all the awesome vegan restaurants are not in Santa Monica.

    5th – yeah, it was radatkular

  5. Jon, what are you talking about?? There are plenty of vegans on the Eastside..and the location that they chose is great.

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