Win Tix to Squirrel Nut Zippers on Friday Jan. 1st!

squrrelnutzippersWhat a way to ring in the new year! This accomplished cavalcade of musicians returns in full form with its original members, including the showstopping Katharine Whalen and Jimbo Mathus. After lots of side projects for the various members–solo records, touring with the Dickies, collaborating with Buddy Guy, Comedy Central series, Dixieland bands and dancing through Morocco (for real)–they’re coming together again for a show that’ll leave the El Rey chandeliers swinging.

Wanna go? Tell me your New Year’s Resolution in the comments. Don’t have one? Me neither. In that case, tell me the most outrageous resolution you never kept. I’m right with ya on that one.

Show info is here.

3 thoughts on “Win Tix to Squirrel Nut Zippers on Friday Jan. 1st!”

  1. Last year my resolution was to win the lottery, which didn’t happen of course cause I never actually played and no one played for me(I’m still getting over this fact). I realized that I was perhaps too ambitious then and that I should break this goal down into smaller bite size pieces. Like, 1.put aside a lottery ticket jar 2. Throw loose change in it(if I don’t use it on starcracks ice coffee refills) 3. Use change at the end of each week for a lotto ticket :)
    Doesn’t that seem so much more attainable?
    I’m already proud of myself for coming up with this lil plan!
    And should I win in 2010, I’m having a huge party and inviting all of you!

  2. i have finally realized that my day to day personality is honest.
    no hold barred no filter nothing.
    also, my persona is basically piss and bile: cynical, jaded, bitter, borderline mean crabby, prickly, pissy, etc etc etc.

    so my resolution is to be totally fake.
    construct a personality made up of niceness, happiness, smiles,earnestness, friendliness, etcetcetc.

    become fake and possibly thus pleasant.

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