Reader annoyed with a Fed Ex parking “tard” (his words not mine)

Reader Roky spotted this outside his apartment and took a pic.  Not so much a tard as assholian

FedEx ParkingTard by Roky
FedEx ParkingTard by Roky

in my book  as he could have just as easily double parked in the street like the guys in brown do regularly on my street.  Seriously, taking up 3 spaces in an already crowded apartment lot is pretty cheesy.   As he attempted an angle park couldn’t he just finish the job right?  Roky’s exact email…

I just shot this photo from my apartment balcony in Hollywood.

I would be thrilled if you posted this on la.metblogs!

thanks, Roky

As good as done Roky, keep ’em coming, especially the ones in handicapped spots that don’t belong there.

5 thoughts on “Reader annoyed with a Fed Ex parking “tard” (his words not mine)”

  1. Thanks for the reminder Will…completely forgot the problem you had run into last year and the post you did on the topic. No slight was intended.

    Roky…quite true many here use the term “tard” I have my own choice of word as you noted. Thanks so much for the note earlier.

  2. I would argue this guy was actually doing the right thing. It doesn’t appear that other cars are parked in adjoining spaces – so he’s not taking up needed spots. And had he actually parked in one spot, he’d be sticking out into the flow of traffic. If anything, he’s being a non-douchebag here and using common sense. (unlike the inconsiderate parking job in Will’s video).

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