Recycle That Tree!

sweettreeI know, it’s only three days after Christmas, but it’s the most wonderful time to discuss Christmas Tree Recycling in the City of Los Angeles. Let’s prepare for 2010 by doing the right thing with your tree.

First of all, if you live in a house with a green bin, the best thing to do is saw the tree into pieces that fit easily into your green bin. Remove all lights, tinsel, decorations and the stand before hand. Then the tree gets collected, composted and mulched as your normal yard trimmings would. Think of the sawing portion of the recycling as a jump on your New Year’s Workout resolution. The key thing is: don’t leave the tree standing next to your green bin on pick up day — it won’t get picked up and we may take pictures and post them here.

If you live in an apartment building, you are encouraged to place your spent tree curbside on collection day. Again, take all lights, tinsel and decorations off first. Visit the City website: or call 311 for collection day information in your area.

If you prefer to take your tree to a drop off location, there will be only one weekend only of LA City tree collection this year and that is this weekend:
Saturday January 2 from 9:00 to 4:00
Sunday January 3 from 9:00 to 4:00

Click here for a full listing of drop off sites. Please note some sites from last year are closed and there will be no tree or light bulb give-aways this year.

If none of those things sound appealing and you have a minimum of $25 to spend, click here for a tree removal service. They donate part of their fee to Tree People.

Get those trees recycled and all the best in 2010!

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