Friday Night Lights: Week Four

Though I’m presently up in Yosemite enjoying my first visit to that magnificent place as well as my first white Christmas since I was in single digits, thanks to the magic of blog post scheduling it’s like I’m still in L.A. bringing you, at last: the final installment of this series, in which I pedaled around town on my evening bike commutes home pixelizing houses of varying elaborations of festivation in order to present one for each day this December from the first of the month to Christmas. This time, instead of the usual one-per-day image I’ve filled out the gallery template with nine offerings including shots, as promised, of the infamous Youngwood Estate aka “Norrywood” aka the “House of Davids” at 3rd and Muirfield in Hancock Park, decked out in all its outrageous don’t-giva-fig-wuttha-neighbors-think glory. Joy to the world.  All the boys and girls.

Week One Week Two Week Three

3 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights: Week Four”

  1. Love the 4-week series. Favorites are:
    – Week 2: Venice canal house + palm tree
    – Week 4: House of Davids (they look better in the nude, though)
    Thanks for sharing these.

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