LAX Travel Time

Holiday Travel wake up call baby!!!!  My sweetie Dan and I rolled into LAX the other morning, yes, cutting it close with what I thought was at least 45 minutes to spare… and couldn’t get on board our flight to Maui.  I was one minute past the cut off and it was a big no go!  Luckily, there was another flight an hour later we hopped on… but beware!  They are playing by the rules big time!

Yes, it was totally my fault.  I was already on Maui time, lazing around with my coffee and croissant…. but they are really stern about the being there at least an hour before take-off, and the cut off time is 45 minutes hard!

But, ahhhhh, the water in Maui is definitely worth whatever travel travails you run into.  LA is the sweetest place to live… but the Pacific breezes sure do soothe the soul!  Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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