Polls open: Vote now for L.A. Metblogs Grinch of the Year!

grinch09bThe nominees as chosen by Metblogs readers and reasons in their own words are…

  • Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, for being “a worthless, do-nothing mayor who’s fast turning this city into a former shell of itself…” “for grandstanding something for political gain, when he’s travelling he’s grandstanding for political gain… (and) his dictatorial role on the metro transit board.”
  • Russell Brown “who simultaneously claims to represent major property owners as paid rep for the Historic Downtown Business Improvement District (HDBID) and the wider community — including the transient and disenfranchised — as unpaid President of the Downtown LA Neighborhood Council (DLANC)” and for “halting progress with downtown’s artwalk.”
  • Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, “for raising my taxes by 10% while simultaneously slashing state-funded programs and services, bankrupting our state, and standing by while our state unemployment has ballooned to 12.5% (the highest ever),” and for “planning/threatening to close our state parks.” While these issues affect the whole state, as one reader notes, he is still technically an Angeleno.
  • Michele Mowry, LADOT’s Bicycle Coordinator, “for arguing in Bicycling Magazine that when it comes to cyclists on the streets of Los Angeles, ‘There’s no more room!’ She later pointed out, in LA’s Transportation Committee, that it’s a little easier to do effective work in Portland (because) ‘They’re White!'”

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“Winner” will be announced next Wednesday, December 30th.

106 thoughts on “Polls open: Vote now for L.A. Metblogs Grinch of the Year!”

  1. This was sent to my by a third party, who told me that Nic Kim has been blocked from posting to this thread (Kim’s influence, perhaps?) so I am posting it as a courtesy:

    Hi Everybody. Happy New Year! I’m a first time reader of Metblogs and just learned of this thread. Not exactly a nice way to start the new decade, but whatever.

    To Kim Cooper: The fact you post private emails is a grave violation of trust. For the sake of spin, you also neglected to include the email you wrote back to me in between my 1st and 2nd emails. The purpose of my correspondence was to request that the new Gallery Row logo be included on the Downtown Art Walk map so visitors will know they are walking in a gallery district. In your response back to me (I won’t post it), you asked I provide free tours to the public on behalf of your company in exchange for the logo to be placed on your map. Yes, I had hoped for reciprocity: free link exchange, but you wanted me to work for you for free during art walk. I simply found a better deal through Bert who added the logo on his map without asking me for anything.

    Secondly, Niche.LA Video Art is not closed for business. It is only closed during art walk, but open for business any other day by appointment only. Due to the immense art walk crowd, the Spring Arts Tower could no longer control the public. There were issues with trash and rowdy crowds, so they forced me to close on art walk only. In a way, my gallery Niche.LA is a casualty of your negligence. Did I complain? No, but thank you for your concern over my gallery business.

    Lastly, Julie Rico has been slandering me online since 05 when we first met. I’m also comfortable with that. I’ve had a taste of Julie’s wrath and I don’t care to engage her in further discourse so she can write all she wants while this post will be the last you hear of me on this subject. I find her obsession with me strange and mildly flattering.

    I have better things to do today, but wanted to get some cleaning done. Have fun y’all!
    Nic Cha Kim

  2. Have your crosstalk somewhere else. Do I have to shut these comments down too? Clearly you all have disagreements, but I can’t imagine this is in any way a fruitful place for that to take place. In fact, disagreements should never be conducted via comments or email. Everyone knows they’re way too conducive to flame wars.

    Cut it out.

  3. …and no one has been blocked from posting to any threads. I have assiduously refused to take sides in this and implying that we would have blocked one specific person is fucking disgusting. Pick up your toys and go home. Jesus H. Christ.

  4. Spencer,

    Not everyone downtown cares about all this crap. It’s a great place to live, work and play. Not to mention several of those involved in the cat fight don’t even live downtown.

  5. I have to apologize. Two comments from Nic Cha Kim and one from “fakenames” were caught by our spam filters, ostensibly because they had a lot of URL links in them. They are basically all copies of the same original comment by Nic.

    I am approving one of the duplicate comments and closing all comments on this post.

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