L.A. Holiday Movies?

I am writing to you today, not from Los Angeles, but from my ancestral home in the frozen north.  While it’s pretty easy to feel festively inclined with all of these piles of snow around, the cold is getting me down (apparently 2.5 years in Southern California has made me weak! ) and I’ve kinda been missing L.A.  Last year, I spent my first ever Christmas in Los Angeles, and, as I’m sure many a non-native has felt, found the combination of palm trees and Christmas lights to be a little surreal, but wonderful in its own weird way, and rather enjoyed my snowless holiday.

So, partly because I miss home and partly because I want to show my family what the holidays are like in L.A., today I went searching for Christmassy or generally holiday-themed movies set in L.A., figuring that there had to be at least something…and the only thing I could come up with was Die Hard. And, yes, it takes place in Los Angeles, at this time of year, but is not exactly the heartwarming holiday film I had in mind (although I think it does have, like, explosions and fire in it which are, well, warming, at least). So does anyone out there have a lead on any good L.A. holiday movies?

11 thoughts on “L.A. Holiday Movies?”

  1. Mixed Nuts takes place at Venice Beach. It stars Steve Martin, Madeline Kahn and Juliette Lewis among others, including a young Jon Stewart as a rollerblader and an even younger Haley Joel Osment for about 5 seconds.

  2. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is when Alvy comes out to LA with Annie in Woody Allen’s Annie Hall. You can imagine what Woody thinks of Christmas in LA.

  3. Lethal Weapon is another 80s action film that takes place during a Los Angeles Christmas… and the screenwriter, Shane Black, went on to write and direct the underappreciated Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang just a couple years ago which again takes place here during the holidays.

    While only partially taking place during Christmastime, my personal favorite is LA Confidential, which gives a noirish vintage look at an LA Christmas.

  4. Well, the people have spoken: Looks like it’s going to be a very Die Hard Christmas this year.

    Seriously, though – thanks everyone for the suggestions! And I’d forgotten that LA Confidential was Christmassy.

  5. I’m seconding bromike666’s vote for L.A. Story. When it was in the 70s last week, not only was I thinking about was how happy I was to not be in a blizzard, but I was also thinking about how on point L.A. Story can truly be.

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