Is the Government Moonlighting?

Next generation space shuttle?
Next generation space shuttle trailer?

With our country’s huge budget deficits, I’m surprised that few people have suggested that the federal government sell some product or service to raise cash.  It could be some no-brainer business that’s guaranteed to make money, such as running an Apple store or a food truck on Abbott Kinney or … a trash hauling company?

Perhaps the feds are doing just that, as the photo at left indicates.  Outside my home, not far from Abbott Kinney, sits the latest model dumpster from NASA.


Upon further inspection, the dumpster’s owner is revealed to be NASA Services, Inc., a Montebello, CA company specializing in “collection,” “recycling,” and “transfer.”   Note how, in NASA’s logo, the first “A”  is upside down and the word “Services” forms the bottom of the “S.”  I’m guessing that is for legal and business reasons so as not to confuse customers with that other mover of large metal objects.  Apparently, the persons painting the dumpster didn’t get the memo.

Speaking of which, maybe I have it backwards, and big NASA will be hiring little NASA to haul some of that space junk out of the sky.

One thought on “Is the Government Moonlighting?”

  1. I was always amused by the fact that the “new-style” NASA logo (which replaced the “blue meatball” back in… the late ’70s? – see here, for example) could be read upside-down as “VSVN”.

    I still have a baseball cap from that era with the logo oriented that way… because, in space, no one can tell if you’re upside down. :-)

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