Heebonism Palm Springs

heebIn answer to Travis’s query below about Jewish recreation on this most Gentile-ish of holidays, Heeb Magazine’s “Heebonism” Dec. 24th event in Palm Springs’ Ace Hotel sounds like an epic party.

It’s spendy if you rent a room, but if you decide to fly low & crash in the car or some cheap motel, which isn’t so bad in that post-party-Palm-Springs haze (um, not like I’m speaking from experience or anything) , the charge for the party is only $18, $36 if you want dinner along with partying. There’s strip dreidel hosted by porn stars and DJs from local “Afro-Hebrew” band Fool’s Gold.

Just don’t blame me if you wake up in the back of an El Camino on blocks in suburban Indian Wells with your yarmulke stuffed in your shoe and the lingering flavor of Hannukah gelt and Manischewitz cocktails in your mouth…and you’re not even Jewish.

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