Why is The Grinch associating with L.A.’s elected officials?

Now that the elections are out of the way, it seems that L.A.’s elected officials now have no problem associating publicly with bad bananas and greasy black peels.

Of course, I’m referring specifically to the mean one, aka Mr. Grinch.

LA County Sherriff Lee Baca within arms reach of The Grinch.
LA County Sherriff Lee Baca within arm's reach of The Grinch.

Last week at Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca posed for a photo op with the Grinch himself as 100 Los Angeles elementary school students from the Inner City Educational Foundation charter school looked on.

Then, in an undated photo posted at the Griffith Park Wayist’s blog, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa can be seen being chummy with The Grinch.

Finally, in what I suspect to be a thinly veiled viral ad for Goldstar Events, City Council President Eric Garcetti has issued a public statement calling for the apprehension of the Grinch (video at Mayor Sam’s Sister City blog).

Los Angeles residents can’t shake a ten foot poll without hitting the Grinch – our own Mayor and Sherriff have his number on speed dial, and Eric Garcetti, a Naval intelligence officer to boot, needs our help catching him? Yeah, right.

Here’s where you can find the Grinch and make a citizen’s arrest:

  • Every day from now through December 31st at Universal Studios Hollywood. Celebrity readings of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” will be held each afternoon, which may attract the mean one. (on a side note, they also have real snow there to arm yourself with snowballs).
  • At numerous performances of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical” at the Pantages through December 27th.

2 thoughts on “Why is The Grinch associating with L.A.’s elected officials?”

  1. It’s one thing to see a Mayor like Michael Bloomberg light the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center because, well, it’s Rockefeller Center and it can be argued Bloomberg actually works for his City.

    This stuff in LA is just pathetic considering how utterly useless our local pols are.

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