It Caught My Eye: Ballona Creek Guppy/Tsunami Watch!

In a stroke of serendipitousnessiosity this morning on my way to work, I happened to look down into the shallow channelized waters of Ballona Creek, which I was biking across via the Inglewood Boulevard bridge, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a couple you-don’t-see-that-everyday surprises that I managed to capture on my digicam the better to share with you.

Nah, it wasn’t another gull rescue, but nonetheless unique. The first was what I’d guess was a nice-sized school of baby great white sharks guppies swimming downstream in somewhat synchronized sweeps through the sunlit water, only to shortly thereafter be confronted by the second phenomena in the form of a tidal surge that had crept upstream several miles from the creek’s mouth and kept on going inland. Surf’s up!


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