Friday Night Lights: Week Three

Well, here we are heading through the third turn of this miniseries during this most wonderful time of the year when otherwise mild-mannered home dwellers decorate their domiciles with varying degrees of meticulous or reckless abandon. I love ’em all; be it a simple string of lights that look like someone’s just tossed them up on a wall, or meter-whirring displays that look as if a structural engineer was involved. It’s been a blast pedaling the neighborhoods I bike commute through and pointing my cam at some (while trying to hold it steady in the looooow light). This time ’round, you’ll find more homes from neighborhoods seen in the first two weeks (Week One and Week Two), such as Crestview, Faircrest Heights, and Larchmont Village accompanied by some supersized holiday-ized habitats I found rolling through Hancock Park. And speaking of Hancock Park, for the final Friday Night Lights submission next week, I will be sure to include Hancock Park’s most infamous example of decoration abomination: Youngwood Court (aka the House of Davids). Until then, click to biggify and happy holidays!