Judge Thomas McKnew (LA Superior Court) Suspends LA’s Trap-and-Release Programs for Feral Cats

December 15, 2009 at 12:59 pm in environment, LA, News, Pets


Kittens from the neighborhood that I can't afford to spay or neuter. Shall we kill them?

You know the great clinic I told you about (click for pics of cute kittens) some months ago that will spay & neuter your kitties for free? Fix Nation? They’ve now been suspended from providing those free services.

Here’s what happened:

“Wild bird groups sued the City of Los Angeles in 2008 to stop its support of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), the humane, community based method to control feral cat overpopulation. They claimed that under the California Environmental Quality Act, the City of LA could not provide discount spay neuter coupons to feral cat caregivers or promote TNR without an Environmental Study and Impact Report, based upon the utterly false premise that if TNR is promoted by the City, fewer cats will be killed in shelters, meaning more cats left in the environment to kill birds.

Last week, after a summary trial of this action, Judge Thomas McKnew, of the LA Superior Court, bought into this spurious argument and issued an injunction preventing any City support of TNR.”

-from this article

Way to go, dude!

I encourage you to sign the petition here to return the city’s support of TNR programs. With these programs no longer free, people like me will not be able to afford to trap, neuter & release the wild cats in our neighborhoods–meaning unchecked breeding and even MORE birds killed. And, of course, more cats killed or living fearful & malnourished lives on the street.

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