Anti-HOA yard of the day: Big Flag and lots-o-stuff

"Tara" in Monrovia
"Tara" in Monrovia

In the midst of cookie cutter apartments and 50’s bungalows lies “Tara.”  Or so we call it, as this is such a huge house.  Gotta love the yard, so full of stuff you just know that no HOA would allow all that decoration.  You go, home-owner–whomever you are–this yard lightens up my day every morning when I drive by to drop one of the kids off at MHS.  The big enormous flag is a new addition and I love it.

You have to make the jump to see what Monrovia is noted for that this yard included in its decor.ljwfpubYup, lawn jockey’s in white face.  Monrovia can’t get enough of them and Pottery Ranch can’t keep ’em in stock.

All pics by me and get bigger with a click.  Viva the anti-HOA yard, love those who express themselves with exuberance.

One thought on “Anti-HOA yard of the day: Big Flag and lots-o-stuff”

  1. Continue your crusade against the heinous HOA who inhibit yard artists their personal expression of beauty. One man’s lawn jockey is another man’s shiny moment of genius.

    Count me as a fan.

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