All Great Deeds and All Great Thoughts Have A Ridiculous Beginning

Hi there! This is the part where I introduce myself as the rookie, the freshman, the n00b, whatever you want to call LA Metblogs’ newest contributor. I look forward to inundating your RSS reader, your Inbox, your Twitter, your Facebook, or any other sort of internet-y things with a variety of random thoughts, insights, observations, opinions, and every now and then some useful information. And plenty of overuse and abuse of the exclamation point!

Janna Banana.My adventures in blogging began many, many years ago, when I first sat down in front of Netscape Navigator and didn’t have a clue where to start. So I went to and played some 101 Dalmatians games, and thus my love affair with the internet was born. Somewhere in the middle there I made a website with a dizzying checked purple background that consisted mostly of silly quotes and pictures of Smurfs (It remained online for a really long time until Geocities kicked the bucket. Yes, I saved it all.). Nowadays I am constantly on Facebook and I blog for free.

A few other good things to know: I hail from a part of the American Midwest so far north I am almost Canadian. I’ve lived in Los Angeles about 6.5 years. I spend all my money on shoes, football tickets, and traveling to other cities, mostly just to try out their public transit. I am not a vegetarian, but I do not eat meat on pizza.

Thanks for having me! And thanks in advance for your unwavering support in my 12-step program to overcome my debilitating addiction to the Oxford Comma.

6 thoughts on “All Great Deeds and All Great Thoughts Have A Ridiculous Beginning”

  1. Welcome, fellow Canuck newbie!

    (“Fellow” replies to “newbie,” not “Canuck.” I am sadly Uncanadian, though I do love that one burger place, whose name I can’t remember. The one with the trays people collect. They serve poutine.)

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