Win Tix to Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes Tonight!

edwardsharpeIt’s last-minute! And we only have one pair of tickets! But if you’re stoked on seeing this local band tear it up onstage tonight at the Mayan (to a sold-out crowd), well drop me a line. Just leave a comment telling me why you have nothing else to do tonight but go see this show. We’ll pick one winner to get the pair of tix. Please be able to check your email throughout the day, because I will be emailing the winners back but will need you to provide me with your name as it appears on your ID, in order to add you to the list.

8 thoughts on “Win Tix to Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes Tonight!”

  1. I would be home making crappy ramen and doing homework when I could be at this amazing show — damn craigslist ads want an arm and a leg for these tickets and being on a students budget just wont make it possible. (weep weep)

  2. I need to get to this show tonight because the alternative is watching yet another model/fashion designer based tv show that my missus insist are the greatest programmes ever!

    Where as getting to see the mighty Edward Sharpe and Co would be like a reward for having watched these shows with her for so long.

  3. Alabama Arkansas I sure love Edward Sharpe & the magnetic zero’s!

    I have nothing else to do but go to this show because I am a fan of music and a fan of local music as well. So naturally I have to be there as not only are Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zero’s an amazing local band they also released the best of album (Up from Below) in 2009. I know this show will be an amazing end of year show for them and the crowd and want to go so very very badly and will truly cherish the experience!


  4. I have nothing else to do tonight but go to this show. The reason is I feel that if I don’t go to this show it could be one of those life altering moments. I will start walking around saying bah humbug and hating Christmas and then many years from now when i’m a bitter old man it will be up to 3 ghosts to make me see the errors of my ways. I also bet one of the ghosts will take the form of Edward Sharpe. So basically this night could save my soul from eternal damnation.


  5. Because I fucked up my wifes birthday over the weekend andthis would help me out immensely seeing how this is her favortie band currently.

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