“LA” is stuck on a Soccer Mom Car

I couldn’t help but be in shock that THE California license plate “LA” was attached to a Soccer Mom car. Clearly the owner has had the plate for awhile as this style was issued between 1982 and 1987. I’ll just pretend that it used to be on a black lamborghini or red ferrari before being stuck on the family cruiser.

Californa License Plate "LA"

21 thoughts on ““LA” is stuck on a Soccer Mom Car”

  1. Can you pass a vanity plate on to someone else, or does the car have to be registered to the person that originally got it?

  2. I say, better on the car of a soccer mom than the car of some twenty-two year old hipster. In fact, hard-working soccer moms, who probably hold down a job to pay their share of LA’s exorbitant housing rates are a great part of LA that we should celebrate.

  3. Evan, you can “give” a vanity plate to someone else or register to a different car of your own. Once you get the plate, it is yours (and you keep paying for it) whether it’s on a car or not. Yes, I have a vanity plate. I’ve had it for about 23 years!

  4. Ah.. so Los Angeles does have the “in the movies” rep.. reality is MUCH different than movies.. I’m shockedthe LA license plate wasn’t on a rusted pickup truck. THAT is LA… hard working, underpaid and ignored. Not the spoiled, sparkly trust fund brats..

  5. “Lighten up”? Tara, you read the wrong tone in my comment. Welcome to the world of motherhood. I think you will find pulling your baby’s carseat in and out of your Mini will quickly become a pain in the tush. I say this light-heartedly, of course.

  6. Yeah, “lighten up” seems a bit…um, harsh.

    I’ve installed, removed, reinstalled, etc. carseats in the back of my wife’s 4-door Civic, and let me tell you, that’s no picnic. I’ve never done so for a Mini, but I can’t imagine it’s much better. I have a Scion xB, and while installing a car seat is never fun (but with all of my practice, I can do it pretty quickly now), it’s much easier with my xB. And you have a lot of storage space without having a minivan. Score!

  7. I’m a pro at car seats and booster seats….3 kids and living with those things for nearly 10 years I got really good at “hot swapping” between cars as needed. ITs all in the buckle and wrist action.

  8. I’m sorry Martha and Jacob for offending you. Blame my pregnancy hormones.

    As for my Mini, like I said I have a very small carport and we can’t really get any other size car in there. Yes, it’s going to super suck to get a kid in and out of it, but that’s what we have to work with right now.

    I look forward to when he is large enough to take with us on bike rides because that is our preferred mode of transportation.

  9. This morning in my bldg. complex driveway I saw a blingy BMW X5 with license plate “DABIZLA.” Now that’s more like it.

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