Friday Night Lights: Week Two

It’s another week of that most wonderful time of the year gone by and I’ve been hard at play pedaling around town pointing my digicam at all sorts of holiday displays, some austere and some awesome.

This time around a major-league tip o’ the chapeau needs to geau to Tara, one of our newest L.A. Metblogs authors, who after last week’s inaugural set of sparklies said “Get ye to the canals of Venice!” So I did, biking the long way home to Silver Lake from Westchester Wednesday night via Marina Del Rey and Venice and Santa Monica on what my ass tells me was the coldest night its felt in a long time — but damn was the house Tara directed me to well worth the detour and the frostbite. Give ya one guess which one it is below.

(Left to right and top to bottom) Mar Vista, McDonald west of Mesmer; Culver City, Duquesne south of Braddock;  Crestview, corner of Garth and Cadillac; Marina Del Rey, at the intersection of Water and Land; Venice Canal Zone, Carol Canal near Eastern Court; Historic Filipinotown, Vendome south of Temple; Faircrest neighborhood, Crescent Heights between 18th Street and Airdrome.  Click thumbnails to enlargify:

Week One viewable here.

4 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights: Week Two”

  1. The canal house is amazing, but the Corona-esque palm tree is my personal fave. I saw it first in 2007 then was disappointed to find it left dark last year. Glad it’s back.

    We have a 60-foot palm in our backyard that I’ve long stared at wondering how I might do something similar. I’m tempted to knock on the door and ask if the owners DIY’d it or hired perfeshunals.

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