Evidently Chickencar

chickencarIn Santa Monica, chickens (technically, roosters) drive around with their heads.  And their tails.   And a large sedan in between.   At left is one spotted recently in the neighborhood.  Yesterday, I saw another one, a yellow 1970s Oldsmobile with Earl Scheib advertisements, parked in a nearby alleyway.

Local folklore has it that at least one of these cars was used for a television commercial or other filmed production some years ago.  I don’t know about that, but whenever I see these cars, I am reminded of the amazing spoken word lyric “Evidently Chickentown” by John Cooper Clarke.  Here’s the version that I like (warning: prodigious f-bomb droppings):


6 thoughts on “Evidently Chickencar”

  1. The yellow chicken car (pictured on Flickr) was owned by race car driver Tommy Kendall and his Facebook profile pic even features it: http://www.facebook.com/tommykendall

    While the green car in your photo looks like the same make & model, I’m not sure that it’s the same car. Kendall’s had a lot of rust in it (I believe it came from the Mid-West) when I saw it a few years back.

  2. That John Cooper Clarke song was used to great effect over the closing credits of a episode of the Sopranos, from the final season.

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