STROMWARTCH!!!1!: The Final Tally From Silver Lake

Reporting live from the Silver Lake Meteorological Substation / Regional Civic Precipitation Division Headquarters. Total rainfall measured from whenever the hell it started raining December 7 to whenever the hell it ended: 1.40625 1.21562 inches (3.10007 cm):


4 thoughts on “STROMWARTCH!!!1!: The Final Tally From Silver Lake”

  1. Hah you beat me too it. I measured a healthy 1.1 inches in my corner of LA. Of course since this was such a cold storm the cars were completely iced over this am…it got that cold this AM!

  2. Back when I was a Navy weather-guesser, during those arduous 12hr midwatches, we used to take bets on who would drink the rain gauge water — no peeking, bugs and all.

    Even during wartime, boredom can sometimes be a soldier’s worst enemy ; )

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