Ever since I first learned of the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook back in 2007 when it was still very much under construction, I’ve been looking forward to climbing up and checking out the day-after-a-storm view of the city.

I’ve been up several times since it opened earlier this drought-stricken year, but storms have been few and far between. Then came yesterday’s drenching, and this morning I couldn’t resist the urge to detour from work, heading on up to the park’s plateau (perhaps being the first person to carry his bike cyclocross-style up the park’s famed killer staircase) to pixelize the spectacular city panorama with my digi camerama (you’ll wanna click for maximized biggification):


5 thoughts on “GREATER LA”

  1. I looked at this more closely, and I can definitely see the tiny speck that is my car in the photo. You have a great camera, and great job stitching this pano together!

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