Free Sandbags in the Valley

91423Yes, it’s that time folks: STORMWATCH 2009!!!! While many of us have a tendency to mock LA’s shock and awe response to a drizzle, this looks to be more than a misting we’re facing. If you live in a spot in danger of flooding, you should know that there a bunch of spots to pick up free sandbag supplies in the valley. The Daily News has a list of locations here.

Barring that, there’s always the ark option.

Be careful out there, people, according to CHP (via the LA Times blog), there were close to triple the number of accidents during this morning’s commute as compared to last Monday (132 crashes from 5 to 8 a.m. versus 45 crashes last week). Try to be nice to each other out there.

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  1. Wet week ahead, we need it. You are so true about the freak out over a little wet.

    Back in the day when I was a cube dweller managing claims we’d run a pool to see who would get the first accident claim from a storm. Bonus points in the pool if we guessed who was at fault correctly before it hit the desk. I don’t miss those days at all, but we did manage to have some fun from time to time out of the stormy day wrecks.

  2. Good time yo remember to check the tread on your tires. Bald (or near bald) tires are a major cause of accidents as they hydraplane rather than gripping the road.
    Remember also for the next time the roads build up a thin layer of guck from the diesel trucks, etc., so the rain sort of floats on it until it’s all washed away…another reason for less traction, longer stopping time needed.
    Usually takes a day (heavy rains) or two (light or intermittant rains) to clean off the road surfaces. The more truck traffic, the heavier the deposit.
    I know if money’s tight a new set of tires may not be your first priority, but if they’re close to bald, maybe find a good sale or maybe some used ones with good tread. Put them up front. Got good tires? Make sure they’re properly inflated.
    And while you’re at it, good time to replace the wiper blades….if you haven’t already. Don’t drive a car? Remind someone who does.

  3. Gabriele — very good advice. The Rubber Manufacturers Association just issued some survey results showing that about 28% of LA vehicles had at least one bald tire!

    Also – frazgo — While it’s always best to replace four tires, when replacing only two, ALWAYS mount the newer tires on the rear axle. This is a tire industry recommended practice. The reason is safety. If vehicles experience some loss of control on the rear axle, it’s harder to control than the front axle. So, it’s better to put the new tires on the rear if only replacing two tires.

    For more information, visit,

    Dan Zielinski
    Rubber Manufacturers Association
    Washington, DC

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