Uhaul hits fire hydrant. Venice floods.

Venice flooding from fire hydrant accident

That is usually the quiet walkway part of Ocean Front Walk near 25th Street. Right now it’s under a few inches water thanks to this:

Venice flooding from fire hydrant accident

Yes, that is a Uhaul parked on top of a huge blast of water shooting out of the ground where a fire hydrant used to be. This happened around 10:30am today and it took almost an hour for the water to be turned off. Apparently it’s trial and error to find the right turn off valve, and then once the fire dept did find it it was unfortunately under the Uhaul which they couldn’t move because then the water would shoot up on to the roofs of neighboring houses and likely cause even more damage. It all got sorted out though thanks to the hard work of the LAFD. Also, the dude who hit it was totally embarrassed. More pics and video can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Uhaul hits fire hydrant. Venice floods.”

  1. Funny how boring real world physics can be.

    In the make believe world of summer blocker buster movies, the force of the water coming from fire hydrant would be enough to flip the truck over ( or if its a Die Hard movie, raise the truck 30 feet into the air and hit a low flying helicopter! )

    Reality sucks.

  2. Do a search on uhaul accidents…probably wasn’t the guy’s fault.
    I hate to think what the inside of the truck looks like, hope he didn’t lose all his stuff.

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