Strike a pose, Virgin Mary

virginmaryfailThe legendary stage director Charlie Brown once asked, “Is there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?”

Well, sure, Charlie Brown. The answer can be found in the window display at Madison on 3rd Street, where you’ll find the Virgin Mary dressed in some fashion autrocity, her bare legs spread, and baby Jesus in her lap.

The three Wise Men standby with gifts for the newborn child, appropriately hidden in Madison shopping bags.

The true meaning of Christmas is eroticizing a sacred, virginal religious icon for commercial gain.

CNN iReporter “Pixel” has a brief report.

7 thoughts on “Strike a pose, Virgin Mary”

  1. I love it! Mary had to be a sex pot with the whole virgin birth thing! And she convinced legions of Christians that she didn’t have sex. Smart girl. About time she came out as the sexy vixen she was!

  2. tammara’s comment just cracked me up. I don’t find it offensive in the least and agree its just tacky and I moved on when I first saw it.

  3. What is considered sacred by some does not need to be considered sacred by all. Everyone has the right to express themselves according to their will.

  4. I’m an atheist, but also I try to be respectful of Christians. I think a lot of smart, intellectual Christians get a bum rap (like most devout followers of any religion get lumped in with the crazed weirdo extremists). So I do think that this might come off as disrespectful to a devout Christian.

    That said, I think this will only provide fodder for the nutjob evangelicals who love any reason to point at our culture as sinful and godless.

    Which it is, I think.

    So, it’s a zero-sum from all perspectives, I guess.

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