Groundbreaking Ceremony for Venice Canals/Beach Access Project

Head over to 2500 Strongs Drive today at 11AM to celebrate the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Venice Beach-Venice Canals Coastal Access Path.

The proposal was put forth in late 2006 by the Coastal Conservancy to fund this $100,000 project and to be run by the Venice Canals Foundation. The path will go through two city-owned properties, one located between 2420 and 2500 Pacific Avenue and one between 2420 and 2500-2502 Strongs Drive.

Today the path between the beach and canals is fairly unsafe with uneven ground and debris and isn’t wheelchair accessible.

As a resident I hope that they also work on the crosswalk to get across Pacific Avenue because that becomes quite busy.

Venice Beach - Venice Canals Access Path

UPDATE: I attended the groundbreaking ceremony. This proposal took five long years and there were a lot of dedicated folks involved including the City of Los Angeles, Venice Canals Foundation, and Coastal Conservancy. I asked about the crosswalk and a request has been put in to move it from Pacific and 26th to Pacific and 25th.

Venice Canals/Beach PathVenice Canals/Beach Path Venice Canals/Beach Path