Friday Night Lights: Week One

Seeing as it’s that most wonderful time of the year and throughout it I get the opportunity to bike home to Silver Lake from Westchester in the dark across a variety of neighborhoods and communities passing a wide variety of homes festively festooned, I figured why not stop and snap some of ’em and then post a weekly selection of those I encounter and enjoy each Friday of December. Tis the season, and all that jazz.

So without further to-do, here’s the inaugural quartet, one for each of the first four days of the month. Left to right and top to bottom: East Hollywood, Lexington & Madison; Faircrest neighborhood, Guthrie & Crescent Heights; Culver City, Duquesne between Lucerne & Farragut; Crestview neighborhood, Corning north of Cattaraugus. Click each to enlargify.

fnl1 fnl2

fnl3 fnl4

PS. If you’re goofy like me and compiling/posting your own collection, link to where they can be seen in the comments. Or if you know of one somewhere nearby my nightly commute from work that you think’s worth a bike-by, lay the location on me and I’ll do my best.

5 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights: Week One”

  1. Will, it is a tiny detour, but I recommend going to the Venice Canals. There is a huge Swiss Chateau looking place that is decorated to the hilt every year. The lights are being turned on today for the Twilight Bridge and Holiday Party that I posted about:

    Here’s the location of the house:,+Venice,+CA+90291&sll=33.983527,-118.465834&sspn=0.007348,0.015278&ie=UTF8&cd=1&hq=&hnear=Eastern+Ct+%26+Carroll+Ct,+Los+Angeles,+California+90291&z=17

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