Me & Arianna, We Go Way Back

All this huff-‘n-puffery about the oh-so-long-overdue-and-infinitely-pertinent arrival of an LA-based section of  Huffingtonpost to shoehorn its way into a niche already well-served by so many other long-standing LA group blogs, reminded me of the first and last time Arianna and I met  back in May of 2003 when I worked at the Los Angeles Zoo. There I was sitting at my cubicle in the publications division when word filtered down that the as-yet-uncrowned queen of the blogiverse was on the premises with a film crew and some extras, making some sort of tongue-in-cheek video tribute to Eli Broad on the occasion of his 543rd birthday.

Anyway, I was ordered to grab my cam and head up to the chimpanzee exhibit where the shoot was taking place to snap some shots for potential use in the zoo’s member newsletter, and as luck would have it this morning I was able to dive into my archives and come up with this image I got of  a couple of her entourage on-camera pretending to look at something that wasn’t really there while Arianna gazes directly at me with a stare that says either she wants to kill me or ask me out for drinks.


Either way, welcome to LA’s blog zoo Arianna!

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