LA’s #1 radio station: Oldies blastin’ K-Earth 101

Top 40 station KIIS FM has been knocked off its perch as L.A.’s most listened to radio station by K-Earth 101.1, the “classic hits station.” [LA Times]

While K-Earth’s program director Jhani Kaye is taking credit for “expanding” the station’s music lineup – by adding 80s tunes to its rotation of 50s, 60s, and 70s music – it seems to this blogger that various other factors likely play the predominant role.

Mainly, “Top 40” music listeners don’t listen to the radio anymore – they use mp3 players, cell phones, MySpace, etc. for their music fix. Additionally, “Top 40,” a cornucopia of musical styles, has become irrelevent for fans specific to one type of music – why wait through a number of dance and boy band songs when you can simply create an online radio channel specific to hip-hop?

It could also easily be argued that Top 40 music pretty much sucks nowadays, but that argument has been made for years, and the few decent songs that do make it on air will eventually be played on “classic hits” stations in a few decades.

As for me, I stopped listening to FM entirely around the time Indie 103.1 began sounding a lot like KROQ… and then a few months later, Indie shut down. And even then, it would usually only be when I was in a car I couldn’t plug my iPod into. Now, its traffic and news on AM, if anything – deejays and radio commercials between subpar music depresses me.

What about you, blog readin’ Angeleno? What are you listening to these days, and when?

12 thoughts on “LA’s #1 radio station: Oldies blastin’ K-Earth 101”

  1. KCRW 89.9……. Except when they have those God awful “morning becomes Starbucks” shows. Then it’s iPhone + Simplify Media time.

  2. KJAZZ 88.1, JACK FM 93.1, then whatever catches my fancy from KJLH 102.3, KEARTH 101.1, KCRW 89.9, KLOS 95.5, and KMOZART 105.1

  3. I haven’t listened to music on the radio in over a decade. radio == KPCC (or occasionally KNX)

  4. Due to the awful radio landscape – Indie being gone called KCRW to get lazy, I ponied up and bought a Sirius unit for my car.

    So far it’s certainly worth the few dollars a month.

  5. Jack and Amp mostly. If I can’t bother with either I’ll pop in a cd. When I have the wife’s car its BBC Radio 1 on Sirius Radio, only option in that car as far as I am concerned.

  6. Sadly, my radio listening is similar to what you describe in your last paragraph, but even less so. Between the satellite radio and iPod and no more Indie 103.1, there’s just a bit of KCRW, but that’s it.

  7. XM XM XM!!! I purchased an XM account a few years ago and have never looked back! A big complaint from LA/OC residents for YEARS has been how terrible LA radio is. Go just south to San Diego (or really, anywhere else) and unless you’re in the middle of nowhere, programming generally is way better than it is here. Ever since I got XM, the FM band is never played in my car except to hear Kevin & Bean.

    And if you’re debating whether to get XM or Sirius, it comes down to this. Want more music? XM all the way. Love talk radio? Sirius. Well worth the monthly fee.

  8. I pretty much only listen to KCRW and occasionally KXLU since I’m here on the Wesssside!

    Lately I’m kinda diggin’ the latest version of KDAY 93.5 for a little old school rap and R&B. Nothing like the original that was on the AM back in the day, but nice to hear a little E-Easy, EPMD, etc. on the radio. I’m sure it will get old once they’ve hit auto rotation at some point.

  9. Sitting in front of a computer all day, it’s KUSC in the morning, KCRW – MarketPlace and then whatever is on at 2:30, then KLOS from 3:00 to going home. Streaming sucks bandwidth :: bad.

  10. Aside from the very occasional (as in, when I’m driving a car other than my own) KUSC, KKJZ, K-Mozart (horrible name), or KLOS, I don’t listen to the radio. Haven’t for over a decade, in fact. I mostly listen to my iPod/iTunes now, just because it’s so convenient, even though the audio quality isn’t so good.

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