Win Tix to See The Cranberries At Club Nokia on Friday

cranberriesYep, we’re got tickets to this sold-out show by the band I totally, like, LOVED when I was in high school and my first boyfriend EVAR broke up with me and then my family went on this family vacation and I went along but I don’t remember where we went because the whole time I had The Cranberries blasting in my headphones and for some reason my only memories of where we went are images of what I imagined Ireland to look like: gloomy, sylvan, watery and blanketed in mist. I think we were in Hawaii.

SO. This should be a good show. Wanna go? Tell me about the first breakup of a relationship that really broke your heart, and what music you used to get through it.

Show info is here, but you’re stuck with us, kid: they’re sold out.

15 thoughts on “Win Tix to See The Cranberries At Club Nokia on Friday”

  1. Ohhhhhh…the first break-up!
    I was in college involved in a steady 1 year relationship, but like all eager college students I decided to study abroad. We couldn’t do long distance so we parted and i spent 6 months in Paris endlessly listing to CAT POWER…..and the Cranberries when i was angry!

  2. While I have had many break ups over my life. None stung more then 2 years ago, with a break up, reunion, and pregnancy that ended up not being mine. Lots of Incubus, Cranberries & Pixies. I used it as a motivation the turn over a new leaf and go back to school.

  3. The Fray’s How to Save A Life still brings a tear to my eyes. Even though I reconnected with the person after a year apart it was definitely a rough period but everything turned out fine.

  4. Great post. Although I’m void where prohibited from the contest, it reminds me of my buddy’s roommate a while back. The roomie and his gf had a special relationship and a special song, “Don’t Dream it’s Over” by Crowded House. The gf broke up w/the roomie, and, in my friend’s presence, the roomie proceeded to play that song over. and over. and over. for days. To this day, my friend can’t listen to the song, and even I wince when I hear it.

  5. Whenever I hear “the best i’ve ever had” by vertical horizon i think of my first breakup. I listened to that song on repeat telling myself that i’d lost the best guy ever…was 16 and seemed like the end of the world. After about a week of heartbreak I moved onto “pardon me” by incubus…fast transition/recovery:).

  6. I can’t listen to The Cranberries “linger” because of an old interview with Boy George and him mentioning the song always reminded him of a fart. “did you have to let it linger?”

  7. First break-up? Sigh. I was in the 4th grade, and I was head over heels for my first boyfriend, Matt. We never kissed or held hands or anything, but sometimes we played basketball at recess. One day he called me at home and said he didn’t want me to be his girlfriend anymore. I was crushed. He called back a few minutes later and asked, “Do you know Nicki’s phone number?” Of course, at the time I didn’t realize it was perfectly acceptable to yell, “You’re an asshole!” Instead, I gave him Nicki’s phone number and cried myself to sleep listening to the Beatles and Paula Abdul (the only two cassettes I owned at the time). It wasn’t until later that I discovered the Cranberries…

  8. The summer after my “very serious” college boyfriend broke up with me, I listened to the very best of Edith Piaf on repeat for a month. I don’t speak French but I went from July to August thinking I did.

  9. I remember when i broke up with a certain person and i was soo depressed and sad and all i did was stay in my room and listened to the cranberries…… at first i would listen to when your gone, empty, linger… then when i was getting a bit over it i would listen to daffodil lament. Then wen i was mad and started to get really over it, i listened to promises extensively!!! lol!!!

  10. I spent the weekend with my girlfriend. She was apathetic the whole weekend and finally at the end the of the weekend, she decides to tell me that she’s met someone else. Nothing made sense to me, as I drove home and then “Temple of Love” by Sisters of Mercy comes on. The song completely captured all my thoughts with lines like: “The devil in a black dress watches over, as my guardian angel walks away. Life is short and love is always over in the morning. Black wind come carry me far away.” Heard it again last week and all the memories of the breakup come back.

  11. It was in junior high school and she really broke my heart! Her name was Victoria and the song by the Kinks helped me get over it!

  12. I’ve never had a real “break-up,” since I’ve never had a boyfriend, but when the guys I’m sleeping with inevitably start dating other women, I tend to listen to a lot of Bright Eyes, The Format, and Damien Rice. If I have “It Makes No Difference” by The Band on repeat, it’s when you know there’s really a problem. Pathetic, I know.

  13. I was 16 years old dating “jenny” we had been going out for 2 years, obsessive crazy wacked out childhood romance, multiple “im going to kill myself if you dont love me even more” phone calls took place over that course,
    we once took her parents credit card and got a room at the hyatt in torrance, where we proceeded to have crazed underage sex fueled by cheap liquor purchased with the help of “martin” a wise chinese homeless man who hung out in front of jays donuts (located on pch in lomita, at least it was)
    well apparently “jenny” told her best friend about our rendezvous and our plans, this “friend” ended up telling her parents that night who in turn told jennys parents who in turn hightailed it down to the hyatt,
    amid underage happy fun time an insane banging started away on the hotel room door,
    of course it was her family, hotel staff and a police office,
    jenny and i were not allowed to see from that moment on,
    jennys parents ended up convincing her i was a bad influence (though it was all her idea!!)
    and we broke up,
    if it wasnt for the cocteau twins, the cure, cranberries (linger specifically)and my bloody valentine im sure i would of blown myself on top of the local sears and in my wake i would of left millions of fliers of my dedication of love for this young turncoat and my thoughts on how the world was out to get me (though i might say nowadays i realize it isnt being of this world but the leaders of the distant planet x9g4 that were behind it all)
    ah to be a teenager again

    anyway i love the cranberries, hearing linger always makes me think of that time and reminisce jenny, would love to go with my current amazing wife (who by the way knows all about planet x9g4 and is currently heavily involved in fighting in the resistance) to the show on friday (which is our 5th wedding anniversary) and hang in the beautiful glow of my new found happiness

  14. hmmmmmm that was supposed to read “would of blown myself up on top of the local sears”

    but then again maybe i would fo just blown myself, interesting second scenario there

    i so need an editor

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