I Spy a Red Balloon

balloonThis is your chance to join an official DARPA Challenge Team and all you have to do is look to the sky this Saturday, December 5 and report back if you spy a red balloon!

To sign up, go to ispyaredballoon.com and you will be part of a team effort to win $40K that will be donated to charity, plus all the fame and attention that comes with that!

On Saturday, December 5th, 2009 at 10:00am EST, DARPA will launch ten 8-foot red weather balloons across the United States, held in place by a tether. The first team to submit the locations of all ten balloons will win $40,000! This contest is called the DARPA Network Challenge, sponsored by DARPA, the people who (among other things) hold contests to build cars that drive themselves.

The I Spy A Red Balloon team has pledged to donate all of the prize money to the American Red Cross. The entire team is volunteering their time, so absolutely no money will be used for any other purpose. Every dollar that the team wins from DARPA will be given directly to the Red Cross.

Again, go to ispyaredballoon.com to sign up and they will send you a reminder on Friday to look for the balloon. On launch day, their site will change, ready to accept your sighting details. They will provide a clickable map, or you can provide latitude and longitude if it’s available to you (using your phone or standalone GPS device). The names/nicknames of all contributors will be part of a poster to be published after the contest has finished.

Become a part of the I Spy a Red Balloon DARPA Challenge team today!

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  1. And if you spot Balloon Boy hanging onto one of the balloons for dear life, you get your own reality tv show.

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