Huffington Post Launches LA Edition


Arianna Huffington – you love her or you hate her or you forgot all about her; whatever your feelings, check out this fascinating profile that The New Yorker did on her last year – welcomes Los Angeles to her digital rag, The Huffington Post.  Not sure why this took so long (how did Denver get a local page before us??), but as of today, Willow Bay will be heading the LA insert.  As she states in her welcome note:

We like to think of HuffPost LA as our digital town square — a place for Angelenos to get up-to-the-minute local news, share tips and gripes, and even create some buzz of their own. Our goal is to give LA a page of its own, where bloggers can express themselves on the issues that matter to them — whether they’re substantive, sublime, simple or just plain fun.

Arianna notes, “This is going to be a very eventful year in the City of Angels, with a new police chief, a new conductor at the Phil, the Lakers looking to repeat, what could be broadcasting legend Vin Scully’s last year as the voice of the Dodgers, a still volatile housing market, a wide-open governor’s race, the ongoing budget crises at the state and municipal levels — and the devastating effects they’re having across the city.”  To that, I’d add the battle over gentrification downtown; Lucinda’s odd bit of news over the addition of Russell Brown of the Historic Downtown Business Improvement District to the Downtown Art Walk’s governing body; and the budget cuts and obscene fee hikes at both the UC and Cal State campuses.  Those matters are for later, I guess; in the inaugural issue, feature posts include Eli Broad’s (somewhat generic) Top Ten Reasons to Love LA; the recent video exposing allegedly secret oil rigs in LA; and an interview with new LAPD chief Charlie Beck in which he emphasizes the “huge need for policing in LA” because of “the gang issues and all that.”  The next time anyone has an exclusive sit-down with Beck, let’s ask him exactly what all that “all that” is.

4 thoughts on “Huffington Post Launches LA Edition”

  1. I’m pretty excited about this. I really can’t stand the LA Times front page, so hope the folks at HuffPo will do a good job of filtering important local stores from a spectrum of sources. I just hope they continue to focus on Los Angeles as a city, and keep celebrity and entertainment stories to its own section.

    Just curious as to why, on the bottom of their page, they list LA Metblogs under columnists instead of blogs…

  2. Yeah, I caught that too, David! I had to look at the blogroll twice, because I initially thought they actually left off Metblogs. Funny.

  3. I’m interested to see how this develops. In the meantime, I can’t resist posting this YouTube clip of Michaela Watkins’ successful SNL audition tape, in which she plays Arianna after a night of “journalism” at a college fraternity. (Warning, slightly NSFW language, depending on where you W)

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