LADWPs Festival of Lights is upon us

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In just a few short days, the annual LADWP Festival of Lights will kick off. with Bike Night. On December 3rd from 5 – 10pm, bike riders will have the streets to themselves.

New this year will be walking only nights. With the stated purpose of  ‘going green’, these nights run Dec. 4th – 17th.  Walking festival-goers can park in the LA Zoo parking lot. On Dec. 11 – 13th,  a Family Mini Fair intended to educate and celebrate the eco-friendly evenings.

The regular drive-thru nights begin on Dec. 18th and run until Dec. 30th. It’s free and is open 5 – 10 pm.

If you finish up at the lights early, Travel Town has Train Rides to Santa on December 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, and 16 through 23 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.  The train rides are $7 per person.


Griffith Park
4730 Crystal Springs Dr., Los Angeles CA 90027

Travel Town
5200 Zoo Drive, Los Angeles CA 90027

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7 thoughts on “LADWPs Festival of Lights is upon us”

  1. Those train rides are perfect if you have little ones. I’d suggest making that their reward for sitting patiently in traffic waiting to see the lights.

  2. Train ride to Santa = Awesome

    LADWP Christmas Lights = Lame.

    I’d really be down if I heard they upgraded the displays, but I doubt they did. Take a note from the folks at Christmas Tree Lane and Santa Claus Lane in Woodland Hills and step it up LADWP!!

  3. Aiya I really hate this. I guess it’s entertaining for the kids (maybe??), but overall, I agree with Dave – it’s uber lame. And the traffic it causes is utter insanity.

  4. Very glad they’re going with the walking nights. Lots more to build upon this way. Indeed, the displays are pretty lame, but I appreciate these other improvements.

  5. Couple Christmas eves ago I was biking back home from my mom’s in Burbank. It was still daylight, about 4:30 or so. I approached the finish of the festival just south of the zoo and damn if some day-glo vest wearer didn’t start waving his arms yelling stop and even stepped toward me as if to attempt to physically prevent me from biking down a public fucking street. In passing I advised him to go fuck himself and to radio down to his co-vesties to set up a roadblock at the start. When I arrived I was disappointed not to find one.

    OBVIOUSLY I have issues.

    But sure, the car-free walking nights are definitely an improvement, yet bikes are once again banned except for that one token bike night. That they tout the EXTREME DANGER of bikes and cars both traveling one-way at sub-5 mph speeds to illegitimately keep bikes away is maddening enough to me, but that they can’t even allow bikes and pedestrians to co-exist is just another way the DWP puts the LA in lame.

  6. The EASTSIDE BIKE CLUB will be at the Festival of Lights on Thursday Night. This is our 2nd Year attending this event. It truly is a shame that cyclist get only this night to experience the ambiance.

    This year we are hosting a CAN FOOD Drive during the event. PLEASE stop by to say hi and bring a CAN OF FOOD for needy families. Our bike club is based in Northeast Los Angeles – El Sereno to be exact. We are the only bike club in Los Angeles that host TWO RIDES a Week on Tuesday Nights at 7pm and Saturday Mornings at 8am.

    We have bike riders from all over the Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley. We are a recreation commmunity bike club that gets together to excercise, socialize and discover the hidden treasures that are in Los Angeles.

    When you come to the Festival of Lights dress warmly and in layers, it will be chilly that night. Bring your bikes, friends and family for a Christmas experience with a view from a bike seat!

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